Website Building and Management

From idea to online presence

From conceptualization to execution, we take care of the entire process of creating a website.

Whether it’s choosing a domain, registering it, selecting the right hosting, or building your website from scratch, we’ve got it covered.

Our specialty is building websites for freelancers and SMEs, using platforms like WordPress and Moodle.

We build…

  • presentation websites
  • online shops
  • learning platforms
  • portfolio websites

You can also choose to our marketing services, including content writing (in English) and localization (through our partner, Napoca Translations).

Website Management and Maintenance Services:

Your website is an ongoing investment. This is why we treat it like an ongoing project, not a one-time service.

Hosting managed by PenPoised also includes technical updates, themes, plugins, and security settings.

Who is the website management package for?

We created this subscription for clients who want to have the website managed and monitored for them so that they don’t have to worry about their website at all. We will manage the websites and make all necessary updates and keep it secure.

What does it include?

If you want to make small changes to the websites (update a page, add the photo of a new staff member, change the timetable), you can call or message your project manager and we will do it.

When new standards appear for search engines (like Google Core Updates), it is necessary to update the website so that its performance is not impacted. Otherwise it will lose its place in Google Search and fewer people will see it. These updates are included in this subscription.

In addition, we included updates to Google My Business, which could bring new visitors to the website.

You will get monthly statistics about how many viewers your website has and their behavior on the website as well as a list of all updates and security issues that have been resolved.

Why is this package necessary?

We created this package based on what a website needs to function properly (security and maintenance) plus some basic marketing services that we believe would be useful for anyone.

Can I get the websites without this package?

You can have the new websites done without the technical support package as well, but we do not recommend it.

In this case, you will still need to pay the hosting and domain renewal costs.

Even if you don’t choose this service, we will still be available to make changes and fix the website in case it gets hacked, to take new photos and add new pages. You will have to pay for each service individually, and you will very likely end up with higher costs.

Usually prevention is more efficient and cost-effective than dealing with problems once they appear. It’s also easier for us to maintain a website up to standards than risk breaking it by making updates after years of neglect.

This is why we tried to make this package as attractive as possible, adding marketing services that, together with the updates, make the price much lower than the cost for all these services taken separately.

Above all, we believe in long-term relationships, ensuring your website evolves with your business.

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