About Daria Condor – Your Website Building Partner in Thun, Switzerland

Greetings! I’m Daria, your dedicated website builder based in Thun, Switzerland. With a passion for web development that began over a decade ago, I’ve crafted a unique journey driven by a commitment to excellence and a desire to simplify digital experiences for small businesses.

Beyond the digital realm, I’m a stationery nerd. Despite my screen-centric work, I revel in the tactile joy of paper and ink.

I look forward to helping you navigate the digital landscape seamlessly. Let’s bring your vision to life!

Daria Condor

My Journey into Web Development

I ventured into web development when establishing my translation business over a decade ago. Despite exploring options with various web design agencies, I found it challenging to connect with them on a personal level – we simply didn’t click. So, drawing from my school days (my secondary school specialized in computer science, including web design), I decided to built it myself. This experience ignited my interest in creating online spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional and secure.

Over the years, I witnessed the struggles of fellow women entrepreneurs in their collaborations with web developers. Recognizing the importance of tailored solutions and empathetic support, I felt this is where I can make a difference. This led me to extend my expertise, offering website building and management services to other entrepreneurs.
What started as a side project evolved organically into a comprehensive service dedicated to empowering businesses through a personalized and positive approach to web development.

Expertise and Skills

I specialize in building fast, secure, and SEO-optimized WordPress websites. As a certified content strategist and writer, I bring a holistic approach to web development, ensuring your online presence not only looks good but also communicates effectively.

My niche revolves around empowering female entrepreneurs and small businesses, offering tailored solutions that go beyond just building websites. I provide ongoing maintenance, updates, and content services to ensure your digital presence evolves with your business.

Client-Centric Approach

Understanding your needs is at the core of my approach. Through detailed questionnaires and discussions, I prioritize functionality, performance, and aesthetics. I believe in tailored solutions, demonstrated by a commitment to solving even the most basic challenges, like spam protection, with a client-focused mindset.

One example is when a friend, frustrated with spam emails, found relief through my services. My commitment to addressing her concern became the foundation of a successful client relationship.

Portfolio Highlights

While every project is a source of pride, I particularly enjoyed crafting websites for a dental clinic and a jeweler. These projects showcase not only my technical skills but also the ability to capture the essence of diverse industries through web design.

Client Testimonials

Daria created an amazing website for our clinic, and she’s always just a message or phone call away in case we need something.

Virginia H., Zahnarzt Praxis Dr. Hönig

Daria was always patient and competent. She accepted my challenges when it came to the design, and she surpassed my expectations at every turn. And the best part is that she did it all without ever uttering a single syllable of technical jargon.

Ioan C., DON Prod Impex

Process and Approach

Our journey begins with a comprehensive consultation, ensuring I understand your goals and priorities. Tailored offers, signed contracts, and phased project work with defined milestones characterize my collaborative approach. Communication is key, with client feedback actively sought to align our vision throughout the project.

Even after the project is completed, I remain accessible for updates or tweaks, emphasizing a commitment to ongoing support.

Values and Mission

I believe a website is a living entity that requires continuous care. Stability and security are non-negotiable, and I stay updated with industry trends to provide the best solutions. Clients deserve a straightforward experience, free from the technical background noise – an ethos that guides my work.

Mission: digitalization without hassle. Full-service from building to maintaining and securing your website.

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